Airbus will continue in UK after BREXIT

Airbus A350XWB (Credit: Airbus)Airbus A350XWB (Credit: Airbus)

Airbus has sought to allay fears that it could move manufacturing out of the UK following BREXIT by reaffirming its commitment to its UK sites.

European airframer Airbus has two sites in the UK, one in Hawarden Airport, Broughton in North Wales and the other at the former Filton Airfield, Bristol in England.

Airbus UK manufactures wings for the majority of Airbus aircraft along with some landing gear components. It also provides Aircraft on Ground (AOG) maintenance and repair facilities for the Airbus fleet.

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The reassurance came as Airbus shares fell 6 per cent reflecting investor concerns that Brexit could reduce demand for air travel across UK and Europe. Airbus said that long-term it will study consequences of BREXIT on the competitive environment but it had “had no plans to quit the UK”.

Analysts have suggested that the UK is likely to win out in engineering and manufacturing post BREXIT due to its very high level of technology and skills.


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