Bruce Dickinsons VVB Aviation to launch ACMI Airline in a Box

Cardiff Aviation - Bruce Dickinson

Cardiff Aviations Bruce Dickinson is close to starting an (Aircraft Crew Maintenance and Insurance) ACMI operation based out of the UK with his other venture, VVB Aviation.

The airline which is described as being an “Airline in a Box” service is currently undergoing assessment for an EASA Operators Licence and the first aircraft will be a Boeing 737-400. VVB Aviation will be looking to add a further 2 aircraft to the fleet by the end of 2015.

Bruce and his long term business partner Mario Fulgoni joined the board at VVB in 2014 having previously worked together at Astreaus Airlines which operated a similar “vanilla” airline service using 737’s and 757’s. Astreaus ceased trading in 2011

The aim of VVB Aviations service is to enable new airlines to start up with all the technicalities such as procurement, flight crew and maintenance taken care of by VVB and Cardiff Aviation.

The move is certainly a boost to the jobs market as VVB will be supplying both Pilots and Cabin Crew for the aircraft although no announcement has been made as to where the aircraft will be based.

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