In Pictures: Concorde G-BOAF moved to new home at Filton

Concorde moves into its new home at Filton (Image: Steve Beal)Concorde moves into its new home at Filton (Image: Steve Beal)

Concorde G-BOAF has been moved to her new home at Airbus UK site at Filton.

Alpha Foxtrot carried out the last ever Concorde landing when it arrived at Filton on the 26th November 2003 and was displayed outside at the airfield leading to damage to the wings. She is now undercover in her new permanent home.

The new purpose built hangar forms the centre piece of Aerospace Bristol, the new museum that is “drawing together collections of objects and archives spanning over 100 years of aviation history with the latest in aerospace technology”.

The facility is due to open in Summer 2017.

G-BOAF Facts:

  • BA’s 6th Concorde
  • Airframe Cost to BA £1000 & 10,000FF(French Francs) + £100 & 1000FF Per engine.
  • First Concorde to suffer upper rudder failure (All BA Concorde subsequently did)
  • First Concorde back into the air for BA following its post Paris crash upgrade program.
  • Flew last ever Concorde flight (LHR to Filton)

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